Experience art from observation, sensitivity and manifestation of your own graphic expression.
A space to encounter with yourself thru the drawing.
Our artistic drawing program offers the student solid foundations in concepts and techniques to apply in diverse graphic genres of the drawing. A perfect space to connect with art and develop the ability to observe, feel and reproduce artistic sensitivity from your own artwork.

Zapata Sensei is a professional graphic designer dedicated to the task of visual and graphics advisory to companies world wide as a graphic designer. Zapata is a graphic artist with extensive experience in university teaching in this field.

The system and method of study is personalized, and includes projects that are developed during the study cycles and delivered at the end as a requirement to address the next. The theoretical-practical modality emphasizes in these projects that promote creativity and the quality of the techniques taught.

There are four levels of study that you can schedule in your times through our study memberships.

  • Learn the basics of the structure of the drawing, art history, tonality, perspective, sensitivity, observation and interpretation, and how to use the work materials.

  • Learn aboud the still life, as well as the human figure, learning how to sketch solid projects from the beginning in any graphic genre of the drawing.

  • Know about wonderful graphic genres, techniques and drawing materials.

  • You present a final project to receive a certification of the course.

Face to Face and distance modality