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( ! ) Reference photo. This product is not in stock. It will be manufactured and customized exclusively for you, so it is a non-returnable product. Please read additional pre-order information and terms and conditions. Product and materials 100% Colombian. ( ! )


One of the deepest bass flute in our collection. Its key frequency (G3 / 195.9 Hz) is one of the lowest requency in our collection of bass flutes. This is the key frequency, it is produced from "Otsu no Ro" notation. It brings a warm vibration in our body, a sense of relief and peace of mind. 
Although it is a long-bass flute, it is still very comfortable to play because of its ergonomic hole placement.

As it is a long-bass flute, it requires better mastery of fingering and breathing, which leads the practitioner to develop a better management of the hara-lower breathing. This bass belongs to our high-end professional line of Jinashi 地無し type flutes with root end. The naturalness of bamboo sound in one breath. Excellent resonance due to the thick bamboo walls. FROM THE BAMBOO FORESTS TO THE STAGE!


If you are looking for a flute with professional natural deep tone, responsible resonance, aesthetics and impeccable appearance, balanced, accurately tuned: You are in the right place. We are introducing our Shakuhachi Chokan Yoshin Series, high-quality long bamboo flutes. Professional flutes handmade by master Zapata's finest personally selected colombian with and without root-end strong bamboo, to create a perfect wind instrument with an unmatched tone that only the colombian bamboo can offers. The flutes have a natural balance given by the weight of the bamboo thickness. The Yoshin series has beautiful teeths on the root-end (The base of rhizome). 


Cured and dried for 2-years before the flute handcrafting work in a delicate and patient process done personally by master Zapata to obtain a flute ready for concert, studio recording or home study practice.


​This bamboo has been cultivated at 1000-1400 meters of altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Strong bamboo that is used by the Colombian building industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials.


The flute is signed with the personal seal of the luthier (Hanko) on the back. It comes  with a certificate of authenticity. Includes flavoring incense, blowing and notation (fingering) chart, blowing instructions and a cloth bag to store the instrument (cloth bag available upon delivery, reference photo).  The flute stand is sold separately.


( ! ) Reference photos. All of our Shakuhachi flutes in this series are similar in bamboo appearance and aesthetics. The other decorative items shown in the photographs, other than the flute and cloth bag, are not included with the purchase of this product ( ! ).

( ! ) Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the zen flutes are made of selected colombian bamboo and each of them is labeled with the hanko of Ricardo Zapata (logo seal). This instrument has been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for this instrument. ( ! )






Reference photo. This product is not in stock, your order will be specially processed for production in the workshop.
  • Las flautas D4, B3 y A3 con 100% compatibles con nuestros cursos.

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