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  1. Lifetime membership. Unlimited access to our online study classrooms with all the benefits (You don't need to renew your membership anymore).
  2. You become a student with direct tutoring from master Ricardo Zapata with personalized support in your study of the arts of the suizen shakuhchi study program.
  3. Full activation of the Shakuhachi Master Course in your personalized classroom (12 cycles / 4 levels). Tutorial videos, study manuals, scores, sonata audios and exercises, all this material for each cycle and level in detail. You will learn the entire program that includes specialized training in the arts of the samurai komuso: Theory and practice of blown meditation (suizen) and the principles of zen, total mastery of shakuhachi with the learning of sacred sonatas of the komuso monk and others of our own repertoire, principles and practices of mikkyo buddhism, knowledge and practice of bujutsu the arts of defense of the samurai, musical theory and practice, Japanese musical grammar, improvisation and musical composition for flute, and much more in these 12 study cycles.
  4. You receive FREE a Shakuhachi D4 Hitoyogiri series (lightweight bamboo), tuned and compatible with your study course or if you prefer you pay a special price for the option offered from our Yoshin Shakuhachi Professional Series (root-end bamboo).
  5. You have the right to certify each level at no cost (*).
  6. You physically receive an honorary member certificate from our community.
  7. You receive a partiture book with the official repertoire of the Mumon Ryu system, and a CD with all the audios of the sonatas synchronized with the score book.
  8. You receive a hooded sweater with the kanji from our school.
  9. You can download all the music albums from our music store for free.
  10. You will be able to download the FREE HOW TO PLAY series (**) unlimitedly FREE as it launches in our store. This is a great opportunity to refresh your repertoire forever.
  11. FREE download of the e-books SECRETOS DEL CAMINO LIBRO DEL CIELO (spanish version) and NINJA BLADE UNDER HEART (Spanish or English), which are a great bibliographic reference for your study.
  12. You can attend webinars for free.
  13. You participate for free in study feedback events for your study improvement directed by Zapata sensei (***).
  14. Unique and special discounts in our store.
  15. With your membership you become an important student who demonstrates the support and confidence in the study community.


(*) If you prefer your certificate of each level in physical (paper) you must assume the shipping costs. Returns and shipping policies, privacy and examination apply.

(**) HOW TO PLAY is a series of different songs that you can download in audios and scores to learn many more songs outside the official studio repertoire. It keeps you refreshing a new repertoire.

(***) One-to-one personalized tutoring according to study feedback methodology. See information on the SFW event.



( ! ) Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the zen flutes are made of selected colombian bamboo and each of them is labeled with the hanko of Ricardo Zapata (logo seal). This instrument has been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for this instrument. ( ! ) 

( ! ) Reference photograph. Decorative elements, briefcases, stands or others elements different than the flute in the pictures are not included in the purchase of this product. ( ! )


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