Cycle 1 of Shoden no Maki (Introductory Level)


An easy guide for blowing meditation. Mumon Ryu suizen shakuhachi is based on the study method of Zapata sensei.


A comprehensible guide for blowing meditation. Mumon Ryu suizen shakuhachi is based on the study method of Zapata sensei.


It is a great study guide for people with or without experience in musical studies. This step-by-step tutorial teaches you basic concepts of the instrument. Learn postures, breathing exercises, history and philosophy of the art, How to blow and produce sound with the flute, play your first sonata, learn basic grammar for shaku and more. Includes detailed instructional High definition Videos and High quality MP3 audios sincronized with music score sheet, and explained phrase by phrase of the mizumi sonata (the lake), fingering tablature with complete notation for your flute, full manual instructions in pdf format document. This course is in English.


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(!) This course is 100% compatible with our D4 flutes. (!)


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Shakuhachi Course Cycle 1 (In English)

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