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When it comes to depth and exquisiteness of tone, the chokan jinashi rootless bamboo bass flute is an excellent choice for reaching those deep tones that calm the waves of thought that lead you to an ideal meditative state. We offer different keys with warm tonalities and deep frequencies. You can range from high to very low registers that allow you to play rich melodies and scales.


Long flutes are basses, categorized by the Japanese term Chokan, which literally translates as long pipe, ranging from 2.1 to 3.0 feet in length. They are instruments that are directly associated with Buddhist meditative practice because of the low tones offered by their sound frequency. 


The Jinashi rootless series (Nenashi 根無し meaning “without root”) is our basic line of jinashi practice flutes. Made with specially selected sturdy bamboo sections very close to the root end. These instruments offer exceptional lightness and balance, ideal for long playing sessions, outdoor meditations in nature, perfect for light travel.

For better protection of the instrument, the flutes are coated with a thin inner layer of non-toxic varnish that protects the instrument and allows for better internal cleaning, while preserving its rustic texture that keeps its authentic natural dark sound, a unique traditional earthy, dirty and bass oriented tone with medium and subdued treble with very good resonance and playable in 3 registers. Ergonomic finger holes ensure a comfortable playing experience. Each flute is meticulously handcrafted and these flutes are accurately tuned in a natural way without any internal mixture coating (Ji). They use a natural cut mouthpiece (no inlays).

Manufactured with 100% Colombian materials that prioritize sustainable practices. This bamboo has been grown at 1000-1400 meters altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Cured and dried for 2 years before the flute is handcrafted in a delicate and patient process personally performed by master Zapata to obtain a flute ready for concert, studio recording or home training practice.


Includes: jinashi rootless shakuhachi bamboo flute, certificate of authenticity, fingering and notation sheet,  blowing instructions & flute cloth bag. 


VERY IMPORTANT: When choosing bass flutes from key A 2.3 and up, please indicate the location of your hands when holding the flute, this information will be used to locate the holes of the flute you are ordering.


Each flute includes: Certificate of authenticity, blowing and notation instructions sheet (fingering chart according to the key of the flute), deluxe clothing bag made of resistant fabric to protect the instrument (cloth bag is delivered according to availability, reference photo). Flute stand sold separately.


( ! ) Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the zen flutes are made of selected colombian bamboo and each of them is labeled with the hanko of Ricardo Zapata (logo seal). This instrument has been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for this instrument. ( ! ) 


( ! ) Reference photos. All of our Shakuhachi flutes in this series are similar in bamboo appearance and aesthetics. The other decorative items shown in the photographs, other than the flute and cloth bag, are not included with the purchase of this product ( ! ). Flute stand is sold separately.




SKU: jinashi-rootless-bass
Inner Varnish Color
  • Las flautas D4, B3 y A3 son 100% compatibles con nuestros cursos.

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