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Shakuhachi Hitoyogiri Series

Start your practice with the best option, sound and price.
Shakuhachi practical series. Selected lightweight thick bamboo without root-end. 

Our HITOYOGIRI 一 節 切 series of flutes is a range of practice flutes and is considered one of the best options to get started in the art of shakuhachi at a low cost, while still having an excellent beginner instrument in your hands. The term Hitoyogiri literally translates as "one-section cut", refers to a thinner piece of bamboo distant from the root end, and is the name with which we refer to our series of flutes made from a light, unrooted bamboo. In the history of shakuhachi, the hitoyogiri were the predecessor flute model and link between the root-end shakuhachi used today.

Our new generation of shakuhachi jinashi offer the internal coating technology of a thin inner layer of non-toxic colombian varnish that protects the instrument and allows for better internal cleaning, preventing pathogens that saliva or other external agents can cause from lodging inside the tube, while preserving its rustic texture that keeps its authentic natural sound, a unique traditional earthy, dirty and bass oriented tone with medium and subdued treble. This flute has a natural blowing edge. All-natural body varnished with the unique shades and color of Colombian bamboo.

In this flute series you can play the traditional sound of a classical Buddhist piece (honkyoku) or popular music (gaikyoku).

Handmade with dedication one by one by master Ricardo Zapata. These flutes are built with a thick bamboo without root-end, with ergonomics, aesthetics, excellent resonance and accurately tuned. Cultivated at 1000-1400 meters of altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Cured and dried for 2-years before the flute handcrafting process. Strong bamboo that are used by the Colombian building industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials.

Product made of 100% Colombian materials.​


"I just purchased a wonderful Mumon Ryu Jiari Shakuhachi from your website. Your assistance helped me a lot during the process of choosing the flute!. The information and guidance you provided helped me a lot in deciding what type of shakuhachi to choose. Also your support was very helpful in placing my order and really made my purchasing easy and effortless. I appreciate all your assistance. Thank you very much. Best regards!"

K. Liaramantzas / Greece

"I just received my new A3 Yoshin shakuhachi (bass flute). It's a beautiful object in and of itself and has a great bass sound. I'm very happy I decided to acquire this flute (...)"

Steve Delaune / USA

"La atención fue excelente, el tiempo de envío aun mejor y la flauta (G3 Hitoyogiri Bass flute) es una gema. Muy bello trabajo (...)"

Fernando Rojas / Colombia

"The experience was very smooth, friendly and held well. Communication was fast and helpful, and considering I'm in a different country halfway around the world, the flute arrived quickly. It's a beautiful flute, well tuned and well made. Many thanks."

James Mattingley / Bali, Indonesia

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