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Shakuhachi Hitoyogiri Series

Start your practice with the best option, sound and price.
Shakuhachi practical series. Selected lightweight thick bamboo without root-end. 

Our  HITOYOGIRI 一 節 切 flute series is a range of practice flutes and is considered one of the best options to get started in the art of shakuhachi at a low cost, while still having an excellent starting instrument in your hands. The term Hitoyogiri literally translates "one section cut", and like the Miyogiri shakuhachi 三 節 切 (3-node or section flute), they refer to a piece of bamboo that is thinner and more distant from the root. In the history of the shakuhachi, both the hitoyogiri and the Miyogiri were the predecessor flute model and link between the shakuhachi used in gagaku (court music) and the shakuhachi used by the Fuke sect that we know today with a root-end bamboo. The latter we offer you in our Yoshin and Jiari Shakuhachi series.

These beautiful flutes have a natural bore, mouthpiece and color. Accurately tuned, with the unique tone and color of Colombian bamboo without any inner coating (Jinashi 地 無 し), which guarantees an unique earthy, dirty and bass-oriented traditional sound with subdued mids and highs. In this flute series you can play the traditional sound of a classical Buddhist piece (honkyoku) or popular music (gaikyoku).

Handmade with dedication one by one by master Ricardo Zapata. These flutes are built with a thick bamboo without root-end, with ergonomics, aesthetics and excellent resonance. Cultivated at 1000-1400 meters of altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Cured and dried for 2-years before the flute handcrafting process. Strong bamboo that are used by the Colombian building industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials.

You can purchase one flute or get a better price acquiring a flute set available in different keys. As a gift you'll receive a delux stand, cloth bag and Shakuhachi Master Course Study Membership.

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