1. We are governed by the national and international norms of shipment of merchandise of the transporting companies with which we transport.

  2. We are not responsible for the policies of each country at the time of entry of the merchandise in matters of tariff costs, special taxes, seizure of merchandise or other subject. Check these matters in your country before ordering any merchandise.

  3. We are not responsible for damage, total or partial loss of the merchandise sent, we give proof and faith of the shipment and perfect condition of the merchandise, the losses or damages must be claimed directly with the carrier company.

  4. Delivery times will depend exclusively on the carrier, we will comply with the shipment and provide you with a guide number for tracking and verification.

  5. Shipping costs estimate packaging and package placement in the transport office. The costs correspond to a standard of minimum weight of merchandise for national or international shipments.

  6. Offers for free shipping are governed by the terms and conditions of that offer advertised on the page that promoting it. Our shipping and returns policy also applies on any shipping offer.

  7. We do not refund money or remail for loss, partial or total damage to the merchandise.

  8. Check what you order in our store before paying, because that is exactly what we will send you. We do not accept return of merchandise due to confusion or misunderstanding in your purchase. Our products are properly labeled and properly illustrated in our store.

  9. None of our products (physical or digital) or services are eligible for money refunds, returns, exchanges, changes or alterations.

  10. All purchase receipt is sent digitally in PDF format to the email account provided by the buyer.

  11. Promo codes or coupons can be included in the packaging, however we always send these via electronic mail in case of losses. You should know that promotional codes or coupons are not cumulative with each other or any other offer or promotion. These can only be redeemed on the store page just before complete your order and totalizing your purchase. Once you complete your purchase it will be impossible to redeem this manually. The coupons can not be used after their expiration date. The coupons are for personal and non-transferable use, each promotional code given is linked to the registered user on our website. The improper use of a coupon by infringing these guidelines will automatically result in cancellation without right of claim.

  12. Our packaging is uniquely and carefully designed for each product, labeled and delivered directly to the transport company with all the indications of care.

  13. We only ship to destinations supported by our transport companies. Before ordering, check if your destination has coverage.

  14. Any questions about your shipment or merchandise tracking contact

  15. The hours of tutoring and / or evaluation via skype that apply for membership plans in downloable home study courses, expire in the time indicated in each product at the time of product purchase. These can only be accumulated if you buy a new membership package before the date of your previous membership pack expires and the new expiration date will depend on your new membership.

  16. After you buy a study membership and establish a schedule, it can only be rescheduled if it is in the possibilities of room in our agenda. We can do our best to change your dates, however we do not guarantee that this will happen. Each membership plan has an expiration date. You must use the study material and tutorial sessions during this period of time. Once the membership period ends, it will not be possible.

  17. If your member account is inactive for more than 6 months after the expiration date of your membership, it will be canceled. If you want to re-enter to the study progarm and online classroom, you must reapply for membership by purchasing a new study plan.

  18. All classes and personalized tutoring (1-on-1) either in person or remotely can be re-scheduled with a time of 48 hours before the class date, after this time the session will be given as an unassisted class, without the right to be scheduled on another date. Each package of study tutorial sessions has an expiration date, you must schedule these before the plan expires. On the contrary, a group or webinar course cannot be canceled once you book, there will be no refund if you do not attend the event. Only personalized sessions and 1-on1 tutorings can be rescheduled in the stipulated time.

  19. These policies are subject to change without notice. We will inform publicly and through the respective contact channels if any change in our policies has arisen.

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