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Ancestral arts for a fulfill life. Be part of our exclusive group of students.
Mumon Ryu Study Method by Zapata sensei

Study program of the Blowing meditation through the knowledge of the shakuhachi, the Japanese zen bamboo flute. Students enter a path of self-knowledge and awaken through the study of the instrument as a sacred tool of meditation that uses the blowing in special breathing patterns in order to achieve connection with their own consciousness and frequency of sound. 

The student learns the importance of silence, the spaces, the vibration and the correct administration of his own energy, in the study of sounds and breathing, as well as technical aspects of the instrument and musical theory and concepts. The shakuhachi was a sacred instrument used by the Komuso Buddhist monks of ancient Japan. In our school it is the perfect complement and balance for our practice of Budo, the Japanese martial arts.

Students not only develop their musical intelligence, but they find a path of peace and inner connection through their dedicated practice. Understanding of life is paramount in this practice, the student develops this sensitivity. We born and die in the cycle of breathing.

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Face-to-face and distance
studies modality
Shinken Taijutsu Study Method by Zapata sensei

Program that teaches the student to discover and develop advanced physical, psychic and spiritual abilities. The path of immutability, perseverance and resistance is traveled and learned during a journey of self-knowledge. A path of exploration and encounter with himself to learn to channel his own energy to achieve mastery.

The development of respect and self-discipline is the beginning and the end of this great path, in an ancestral practice that forges warriors with a compassionate heart, awake in the spiritual human life.

The study of unarmed body techniques as self-defense. as well as traditional weapons are part of the study of this program. The Japanese sword and others make up the list of training tools as elements for preservation.

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Face-to-face studies only
Study Method by Zapata sensei

Through this program you can learn basic and deep concepts of music, as well as all techniques to play as professional guitarrist the acoustic and electric instrument.


We do not lie by saying that you can play the guitar from the first lessons. This is a complete program that covers theory and practice with a solid structure to take you to a higher level in the performance and knowledge of the instrument.

​Learn the musical notation and concepts, terminology, diagrams, tuning, chords, rhythms, scales and modes of improvisation, all step by step and guiding you to achieve superiority in the techniques for the best performance of acoustic and electric guitar.

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Face-to-face and distance
studies modality
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