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Certified Martial Arts Master
Independent-Style Shakuhachi Artist
Professional Designer, Luthier & Musician
Online Study Community
Workshop-store specialized in bamboo flute luthiery

Mumon Ryu Shakuhachi: The Gateless School System

Breaking the Boundaries of the Self!. Learn more about Mumon Ryu shakuhachi system and our Japanese bamboo flute study program and begin your journey of study and meditation with us.

NEW Edition!
The way of shakuhachi
Zen through bamboo flute

 Learn the secrets of the Mumon Ryu system and how to achieve mastery of one of the world's most complex instruments. Zapata sensei shares his own path on how to become a master of the shakuhachi by discovering your own tone.

Community speaks

About the master artist

Ricardo Zapata Shidoshi is a martial arts master certified by Japanese organizations, professional designer, musician, composer, teacher, luthier and independent-style shakuhachi artist. Zapata is a great researcher, creative and designer who has contributed greatly from his experience in education, design and music to the forgotten and poorly known bamboo aerophone of ancient China called shakuhachi, changing the history of the state of the art of this instrument from lutherie, proposing a design of cutting-edge mouthpieces of high precision that improve the experience of blowing and sound. Also his contribution in compositions and important musical ensembles for this instrument, as well as the establishment of a solid curricular study system to learn the mastery of this instrument breath by breath and based on self-discipline.

Exclusive shakuhachi designs

From the bamboo forests to the stage. Check out our collection of bamboo flutes, designs and exclusive aesthetics of master Zapata. Here the shakuhachi flute makes history. 

Join our master course

The shakuhachi master course is the best professional learning guide that can offer you complete synchronous and asynchronous, breath-by-breath online support to achieve mastery and deep understanding of this instrument, art and discipline.  Take the membership study plan that best suits your budget, needs and quest to deepen your knowledge in this art.

Contemporary shakuhachi music

Download Master Zapata's contemporary musical work dedicated to the soothing sounds of shakuhachi. 

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