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Martial Arts Master, Graphic Artist, Musician & Composer. Singer, Guitarist & Shakuhachi Player, Teacher and Luthier.

Zapata Sensei, Thank you for starting me on my journey through the martial arts. I am now fascinated by it. Thanks for your patience; your ability to share your martial art skills through teaching is exceptional. What I found special about your martial arts training is that it is done in the old way, with your mind, body, and heart working together. Thank you for passing down the information from a connection from you as a teacher to me as your student through your live, experiences, and personal histories. Domo arigato gosaimashita.

Recomiendo las clases de Shakuhachi con Ricardo Zapata. Yo tomo la clase por Skype lo cual es muy conveniente para mi y él es super paciente. Él te muestra no solo como tocar la flauta sino la filosofía que hay detrás de tocar este instrumento que es lo que la hace tan especial. Lo que me encanta de esto es la meditación a través del sonido.

Dianna González
London, England


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