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Ricardo Zapata selected as BOmm Artist 2022

The open call for the XI edition of BOmm 2022 selected 250 artists out of 900 applicants who will be part of the national and international business rounds.

The music industry will have a meeting place this September 2022, to generate business opportunities and reactivating the scene in the historic center of the city to make Colombian talent visible.

Zapata sensei is part of this selection of 250 artists, which was in charge of a jury that evaluated the applicants through 5 groups divided by musical genres.

Zapata Signature Shakuhachi - 2022 Flute Collection




The shakuhachi design history was changed to enhance the blowing and sound experience. Mumon Ryu Jiari Shakuhachi Series is our special limited edition high-end flutes designed and handcrafted by Zapata sensei that features the best specifications, sound, look and technological design for the best blowing and sounding experience. Blowing and sounding a shakuhachi has never been so easy. Master Course*, Flute stand and cloth bag included.

Martial Arts Course
Let your spirit speaks, your mind listens and your body works. Develop awesome skills and drive your life toward personal mastery.

Program that teaches the student to discover and develop advanced physical, psychic and spiritual abilities. The path of immutability, perseverance and resistance is traveled and learned during a journey of self-knowledge. A path of exploration and encounter with himself to learn to channel his own energy to achieve mastery.

Play like a pro in a short time.
Let your guitar riff and solo rock.

Join this program and learn basic and deep concepts of music, as well as all techniques to play as professional guitarrist the acoustic and electric instrument.



It is a comprehensible shakuhachi study course for people with or without experience in musical studies nor meditation. The study program consists of 4 structured levels each in 3 cycles. There are 12 cycles in total that constitute the Mumon Ryu study system created by Zapata sensei. This practical method teaches you step-by-step from basic concepts to advanced tecniques of the instrument. Learn grammar for shakuhachi, postures, breathing exercises, history and philosophy of the art, How to blow and produce sound with the flute, advanced meditation practices, traditional martial arts using your body and flute as self-defense tool. Learn how to play our private repertoire that includes the most famous Komuso buddhist monks music, japanese folk music, our own sonatas, and much more. You will become a member of Shakuhachi Colombia community with full access to the online class room (HD Videos, HQ audios sincronized with music score sheets, detailed instructional documents, free webinars, study feedback supported directly by Zapata sensei, and much more...).

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The experience was very smooth, friendly and held well. Communication was fast and helpful, and considering I'm in a different country halfway around the world, the flute arrived quickly. It's a beautiful flute, well tuned and well made. Many thanks.

James Mattingley

Bali, Indonesia


Zapata Sensei, Thank you for starting me on my journey through the martial arts. I am now fascinated by it. Thanks for your patience; your ability to share your martial art skills through teaching is exceptional. What I found special about your martial arts training is that it is done in the old way, with your mind, body, and heart working together. Thank you for passing down the information from a connection from you as a teacher to me as your student through your live, experiences, and personal histories. Domo arigato gosaimashita.


Dianna González
London, England


He empezado hace unos días el curso de nivel 1 de shakuhachi, y por el momento sólo tengo buenas palabras. El material que se proporciona es muy completo, y la asistencia en el proceso de compra ha sido inmejorable.

Rubén Suárez

Simancas - España