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This website is secure with HTTPS protocol, and is governed by our privacy policies, copyright, member agreement, terms and conditions (T&C). If you believe that these policies violate your rights you may leave our website at any time and refrain from any transaction, negotiation or relationship with us if you do not agree.  If you enter into any business transaction or study plans affiliation with us you are accepting and consenting to our aforementioned policies.


Fraud attempts will be condemned and immediately reported to the competent authority in our country and to the entity involved in the transaction. Deceptive transactions that insidiously conceal espionage, unfair competition or other illegal activities in the background will be condemned. Our community is based on transparency and genuine relationships. We suggest that you leave this site immediately, as we have zero tolerance for people acting in bad faith and our websites will not prosper their bad intentions. This will be cause for immediate membership cancellation for any student member or customer, blocking and reporting to the authorities if you have violated copyright policies, privacy data, terms and conditions and our member agreement. 

Avoid falling into fraud with these 3 simple tips:

1. We will not send you promotional emails that go to links that are not from the domain.
2. We will never ask you for passwords or access codes, much less your bank account or credit or debit card information.
3. Go to directly from your Internet browser.
4. If you have any doubts about an email received, communicate it immediately through our online chat or from this contact page


  1. We are governed by the national and international norms of shipment of merchandise of the transporting companies with which we transport.

  2. We are currently experiencing shipping restrictions for the following regions: Rusia, Irán, Siria, Gaza, Irak.

  3. All international shipments are made by recognized and private companies such as UPS, DHL and FEDEX in certified mail, fast, secure and trackable by web to your destination. We never use any other type of shipping service. For national shipments in Colombia we use certified private companies.

  4. We are not responsible for the policies of each country at the time of entry of the merchandise in matters of tariff costs, special taxes, seizure of merchandise or other subject (you are responsible for the payment of taxes in your country on the merchandise purchased). Check these matters in your country before ordering any merchandise.

  5. We are not responsible for damage, total or partial loss of the merchandise sent, we give proof and faith of the shipment and perfect condition of the merchandise, the losses or damages must be claimed directly with the carrier company.

  6. Delivery times will depend exclusively on the carrier, we will comply with the shipment and provide you with a guide number for tracking and verification.

  7. Shipping costs estimate packaging and package placement in the transport office. The costs correspond to a standard of minimum weight of merchandise for national or international shipments.

  8. Offers for free shipping are governed by the terms and conditions of that offer advertised on the page that promoting it. Our shipping and returns policy also applies on any shipping offer.

  9. Our packaging is uniquely and carefully designed for each product, labeled and delivered directly to the transport company with all the indications of care.

  10. We only ship to destinations supported by our transport companies. Before ordering, check if your destination has coverage.

  11. Any questions about your shipment or merchandise tracking contact here 



  1. Please note the following pre-order process for bamboo flutes on our website. Pre-order on the product page. The picture of the products can be for reference. Our flutes are very similar and have the same standard of finish, 100% Colombian materials, unique aesthetics of master Zapata and quality workmanship. This handcrafted process can take 10 to 30 days before being fully packaged and shipped to your address. A video will be recorded and shared with you, demonstrating the performance and quality of the flute we will send you, with photos of the product and the actual live sound of the instrument. This product is non-returnable and non-exchangeable (see returns section). 
    1.1 Place your pre-order in the shopping cart, read and accept our terms and conditions, privacy policy. And place your order by providing your correct shipping address, phone number and full name (at this point your order has not yet been accepted and processed).
    1.2 Send the following requested documentation within 24 hours through our online chat, without it we will not process your order. After this time and without this information, your order will be cancelled and will not be processed:

    - Send your national identity document.
    - Send a photograph of yourself holding the same ID you are sending us.
    (We request this information for your own security and ours. We want to know that you are really the person placing the order, that you know our policies, terms and conditions and avoid online fraud).

  2. Make your payment from the payment instructions we will send you. Without this 100% payment credited to our account we will not process your order in our workshop. This handcrafted process can take from 10 to 30 days. Your order will be processed and completed only when your full payment is credited to our account, regardless of the payment method you have used. This means that your order will not be shipped, or your online studio products will not be activated until your full payment is credited to our account.

  3. Watch the flute audition video when we send it to you and immediately fill out and sign the authorization form stating that you have clearly seen the video and that you agree with the instrument you have heard and seen, in appearance, materials and features, that we are sending to you and that you will receive by quality courier. It is your responsibility to watch this video and manage the document. A second and last communication via email will be sent to you if you ignored the first one, so that you can watch the video and download and sign the document.  Once you have read and received it, and if you do not proceed with your management, we take for granted your approval of shipment as it is our priority to meet the delivery times of the ordered product. It is up to you to watch or not the video and sign the form, it is your responsibility and ours to fully comply with the order within the stipulated time.

  4.  Your flute is packaged and mailed to you, and you will be sent a tracking link that we can both follow (T&C shipping policy applies). Please note that this product may incur taxes upon arrival in your country and it is up to you, not us, to pay these applicable taxes. 

    Enjoy your blowing and sound experience with this wonderful instrument. Feel free to contact us through our official channels on this page if you have any questions. We are always happy to answer.


  1. We do not refund money or remail for loss, partial or total damage to the merchandise.

  2. Check what you order in our store before paying, because that is exactly what we will send you. We do not accept return of merchandise due to confusion or misunderstanding in your purchase. Our products are properly labeled and properly illustrated in our store. As well as each flute has real photographs of the product, and an audition video demonstrating the quality, perfect tuning, performance and sound characteristics of each instrument (such as resonance and timbre).

  3. None of our products (physical or digital) or services are eligible for refunds, exchanges or alterations. Colombian Consumer Statute Law 1480 of 2011, Article 47 paragraphs 1 and 3, where exceptions are established for the right of withdrawal: Paragraph 1. In contracts for the provision of services whose provision has begun with the agreement of the consumer. Numeral 3: In the supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized.

  4. All purchase order receipts are sent digitally in PDF format to the email account provided by the buyer. at the moment of the purchase. Keep this for any follow-up or claim. We belong to the SIMPLIFIED REGIME - therefore we are not obliged to send or issue sales invoices (Article 616 - 2 of the ET). We are exempt from charging or causing sales tax. 


  1. Promo codes or coupons can be included in the packaging, however we always send these via electronic mail in case of losses. You should know that promotional codes or coupons are not cumulative with each other or any other offer or promotion. These can only be redeemed on the store page just before complete your order and totalizing your purchase. Once you complete your purchase it will be impossible to redeem this manually. The coupons can not be used after their expiration date. The coupons are for personal and non-transferable use, each promotional code given is linked to the registered user on our website. The improper use of a coupon by infringing these guidelines will automatically result in cancellation without right of claim.


  1. Requirements for admission of students to online courses
    Place your order for the desired study plan membership or course. Please note that your order will not be processed or charged until the following steps are completed.
    A. After placing your order Read and agree to our membership agreement policies by filling out the registration form at the bottom of this page policies:
    (Please also read our terms and conditions, privacy, legal notice and copyright policies).
    B. Submit the following requested documentation through our online chat.
    - National identity document
    - Photograph of yourself holding the identity document you are sending.
    - Formal signed letter requesting your admission and interest in our school, course and commitment to pay this one-time fee.
    - Current photograph of your face to personalize your online classroom.
    - A videoconference interview with the person in charge of student admissions may be possible and will be scheduled for you. You must be available and have a good internet connection, camera and microphone in a well-lit place for the virtual appointment.
    C. If your admission process is approved you will be asked to continue with your one-time payment from the payment instructions we will send you.

  2. All study membership plans can be found on this page. These plans require a recurring payment or single payment to facilitate financially your study (Depending on the offers at the moment, there may be recurring payment plans or not). Once the plan is taken, it cannot be cancelled and the payment commitment is maintained until the total payment is completed in the remaining months. If your payment has not been made in any billing period, automatically your access to classrooms and member benefits will be suspended. 

  3. Cancellation Policy: The study plans membership cannot be cancelled by the student while in dues payment period. It may be suspended for a period of no more than 3 months after the payment of dues in order not to lose membership time. Once this period is exceeded, the membership time is resumed. The student (client) accepts this policy and the commitment to pay the agreed fees in full. This digital product is non-refundable once activated. Invoices are created with exact payment dates. Failure to pay a fee may result in suspension of the educational service. We reserve the right of admission and cancellation of membership for non-compliance with policies.

  4. Our recurring payment study plan subscription service may be discontinued at the end of your last paid period if our website decides to discontinue this subscription plan study service. Your study service will not be affected during the monthly payment period already paid and subscribed by you. You may opt for a single payment for any study membership plan.

  5. The expiration period for tutoring hours that apply in study membership plans of the shakuhachi master course, expire with the time of each membership plan. These can only be accumulated if you purchase a new membership package before the expiration date of your current membership plan, and the new expiration date is taken from the new membership plan.

  6. The tutoring hours that are included in the membership plans must be used within the maximum duration of each plan. If the hours are not used within this time they will be removed from your classroom and plan. Monthly scheduling times for tutoring hours must be respected according to each plan. 

  7. For security and quality policy our online classes may be recorded or evidenced in image captures to guarantee our service.

  8. Each membership plan will enable study cycles and levels as you complete each one. You will not be able to access a study cycle without having passed the previous one.

  9. Each level must be certified, this means that every 3 cycles you can request a level assessment. Once you exceed the certification, you will be able to access the next level of study cycles. There are 4 certifications in total. You must pay a fee for each examination and you will be given a certificate for each level.

  10. Full instructional licenses (Menkyo Kaiden) are only given to those who have passed the 10 levels of the master course and have completed and passed the two final study cycles of the teacher training course. Demonstrating their suitability and skills as teachers of our Mumon Ryu teaching-learning system and methodology.

  11. After you buy a study membership and establish a schedule, it can only be rescheduled if it is in the possibilities of room in our agenda. We can do our best to change your dates, however we do not guarantee that this will happen. Each membership plan has an expiration date. You must use the study material and tutorial sessions during this period of time. Once the membership period ends, it will not be possible.

  12. If your member account is inactive for more than 6 months after the expiration date of your membership, it will be canceled. If you want to re-enter to the study progarm and online classroom, you must reapply for membership by purchasing a new study plan.

  13. Accounts with a period of inactivity greater than 30 days due to non-use of the online classroom, study cycles or accumulated tutoring hours, will present an automatic blocking, which does not freeze in any case the membership time taken.

  14. For your security, accounts that register logins in multiple locations or from unrecognized devices will be automatically blocked. You must report this activity to be unbaned.

  15. All classes, video study feedback,  and personalized tutoring (1-on-1) either in person or remotely can be re-scheduled with a time of 48 hours before the class date, after this time the session will be given as an unassisted class, without the right to be scheduled on another date. Each package of study tutorial sessions has an expiration date, you must schedule these before the plan expires. On the contrary, a group or webinar course cannot be canceled once you book, there will be no refund if you do not attend the event. Only personalized sessions and 1-on1 tutorings can be rescheduled in the stipulated time. Video study feedback sessions require student submission of a video prior to the scheduled review date for the student, make sure you have the video ready before booking your review.

  16. Every member must know and accept the membership agreement. Filling out and approving the respective form.

  17. Every member or user of this website should know and accept our privacy policy.


  1. This course is considered a temporary membership and is governed by our policies and membership agreement.

  2. This introductory course is a limited version of cycle 1 and is activated free of charge to those who buy a flute from our store and request to participate freely in this study offer.

  3. The trial period starts since the date of flute purchase and expires after 30 calendar days.

  4. It is the responsibility of each participant to manage the membership request in this link and and follow the instructions to activate your classroom by presenting all the required documentation, without which we will not be able to enroll you as a student.

  5. The course can be canceled at any time if our administration considers it and the user breaches any of our policies.

  6. This limited version course gives the possibility of being upgraded to the complete version of cycle 1 before the expiration of the trial period.


The special scholarship program for the study of shakuhachi consists of offering up to 100% free introductory course for 3 months, extendable up to 1 year of study depending on the student's commitment and performance. It may include a special discount for the purchase of the instrument.

To apply, the applicant must send a formal letter of introduction with all his or her personal information, describing why he or she should be considered for this scholarship program. For further information, please click here.


Our original workshop flutes are free of carcinogenic or allergy-causing products. We are not responsible for products with alterations, defects or counterfeits purchased from unauthorized stores. Please verify the authenticity of our products before purchasing.


The use of our brand, texts, images of products, lines or references without proper authorization is completely prohibited. Understanding this as an unauthorized representation of our educational products or flutes. Any modification in the design of a flute for resale without making the due exception that this modification does not belong to the original production standard of our workshop is totally prohibited.​


Use of VPN or proxy that invalidates your real location and identity will be blocked by our security, and your member login, if you have one, may be blocked. We recommend that you do not use this technology while using our website services. Disable any technology that may block your access to our classrooms, browsing or shopping, so that you can enjoy all of our online community services without restrictions.

Operation, service stability and maintenance of the website

We try to keep our website and its services up and running at all times. However, it is possible that the website may present service failures beyond our control and by the hosting provider, or for reasons of maintenance or updating of content by us. The user is aware of these facts and waives any claim or process in this eventual situation.

These policies are subject to change without notice. We will inform publicly and through the respective contact channels if any change in our policies has arisen.

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