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Shakuhachi Yoshin Series

Professional High-Quality Root-end Bamboo Flutes.

An affordable price for a high-quality jinashi shakuhachi

The naturalness of bamboo sound

High-end professional Jinashi 地 無 し shakuhachi series made with selected colombian root-end bamboo. The naturalness bamboo  sound in one blowing. Perfect resonance because of the special thickness bamboo walls.

​History links this type of root-end bamboo flute to the model used by the Buddhist Fuke sect of the extinct Komuso monks.

If you are looking for a flute with professional natural tone, responsible resonance, aesthetics and impeccable appearance, balanced, accurately tuned: You are in the right place. We are introducing our Shakuhachi Yoshin Series, high-quality root-end bamboo flutes. Professional flutes handmade by master Zapata's finest personally selected colombian root-end bamboo, to create a perfect wind instrument with an unmatched tone that only the colombian bamboo can offer. The flutes have a natural balance given by the weight of the root-end bamboo thickness. The beauty of its teeths (base of rhizome) of its roots is preserved to give an unique and beautiful aesthetic. These mostly have a natural little curvature that beautifies the instrument in its shape. Cured and dried for 2-years before the flute handcrafting work in a delicate and patient process done personally by master Zapata to obtain a flute ready for concert, studio recording or home study practice.

This bamboo has been cultivated at 1000-1400 meters of altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Strong bamboo that is used by the Colombian building industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials.

​You can purchase one flute or get a better price acquiring a flute set available in different keys. As a gift you'll receive a deluxe stand, cloth bag and Shakuhachi Master Course Study Membership.

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