Intelligence is multiple and always goes hand in hand with discipline. It is the dedication of study and the applied knowledge demonstration that makes you worthy to share with others.

Husband and devoted father of a beautiful family. Master of martial arts titled as Shidoshi, teacher with full license of instruction in the arts of the renowned Japanese organization Bujinkan of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Author of the book NINJA BLADE UNDER HEART published in USA in two languages ​​in the year of 2008, a publication dedicated to his experience in martial arts and his philosophy of life. He is a specialist in educational management, musician composer, graphic designer, player and luthier of Japanese flutes. Leader of the colombian rock family band "Los Zapata" (recognized within the Top 10 of the best bands of the 2015 XF Factor TV Program). Producer and composer of 8 albums (2012-2020). His band and musical work was part of the compilation of artists "Cartagena Alternativa" (2012), a record project supported among others by The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECI). Zapata sensei is the Director of the Shinken Dojo martial arts school (Since 1998), where he teaches the arts of Budo (martial arts) and Suizen Shakuhachi (the blowing meditation through the bamboo flute) to his students under their own study method and certificated curriculum.

Among other events, master Zapata has performed recitals of Shakuhachi in important national meetings and venues such as the National Museum of Colombia (March 2017 and May 2016, Bogotá DC), Santa Clara Museum (Bogotá, May 2016), Recital for Shakuhachi into the III Latin American Zen Seminar in Bogotá 2016, directed the First Introductory Workshop of Shakuhachi Bogotá 2015, at the Soto Zen Colombia School, Recital for shakuhachi at the Daishinji Soto Zen Temple, Bogotá 2016, as well as various courses of study in martial arts, meditation and music in Cartagena and nationally through its School The Divine Sword.

Master Zapata is a pioneer of this instrument in Colombia. Professor, performer and luthier of Shakuhachi. Creator and founder of the MUMON RYU SUIZEN SHAKUHACHI study method, an effective system to the study of the instrument and the art of blowing meditation. His system is based on his own experience of how to achieve mastery on this discipline. Zapata sensei creates a version of Colombian zen flutes, made with selected local bamboo, where you can interpret the original pieces of the monks (honkyoku) or popular music (gaikyoku) with a beautiful and very professional sound, thus giving the possibility of access to people who love this instrument and zen music.

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