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Play like a pro in a short time. Let your guitar riff and solo rock.
The study curriculum of guitar is a rich program on deep knowledge of the instrument based on the study method developed by Zapata Sensei.

Through this program you can learn basic and deep concepts of music, as well as all techniques to play as professional guitarrist the acoustic and electric instrument.

The system and method of study is based on the way Zapata sensei developed his mastery of the instrument and today he shares as "Mumon Ryu", the school without a door, This is a method characterized by self-discipline and rigorous study to achieve personal mastery in whatever you want. This is the same method used for the study of shakuhachi into the suizen program. More than 30 years of experience with the guitar place him as a guitarrist expert. Composer and arranger of numerous musical compositions based on this wonderful string instrument.

We do not lie by saying that you can play the guitar from the first lessons. This is a complete program that covers theory and practice with a solid structure to take you to a higher level in the performance and knowledge of the instrument.

​Learn the musical notation and concepts, terminology, diagrams, tuning, chords, rhythms, scales and modes of improvisation, all step by step and guiding you to achieve superiority in the techniques for the best performance of acoustic and electric guitar.

The method gives you the possibility of attending classes face-to-face or by video conference  directly with master Zapata. You also receive homeworks in downloable PDF documents, audios and videos (tablatures score, track songs, etc.), all this so you can practice at home what you have learned reinforcing each lesson.

You will be able to feel the progress of your learning every day if you decide to be a dedicated student and follow each given instruction guide.

The course has three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Each module includes directed lessons and study material, as well as consultancies or tutories to verify your progress (face-to-face or video conference). 

At the end of your studies and evaluations you can receive a course certification for each level achieved.

Face-to-face and distance
studies modality
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