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This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which RICARDOZAPATA.ORG uses and protects the information that is provided by its users when using your website. We are committed to the security of user data. When we ask you to fill in the fields of personal information with which you can be identified, we do so by ensuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this document. However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated for what we recommend and we strongly encourage you to review this page continuously to ensure that you agree to such changes.

Information that is collected

Our website may collect personal information such as: Name, contact information such as your email address and demographic information. Also when necessary, specific information may be required to process an order or make a delivery or billing.

Authenticity of your personal information

You must provide true identity information. Pseudonyms, aliases or fake names will be rejected and reported as identity fraud. Our study community is built on trust and transparency with all members. If required by our staff, you must verify your identity with a valid national identity document from your country of origin. Orders will not be placed and allowed in our store with fake or suspicious user identity.

Use of the information collected

Our website uses the information in order to provide the best possible service, particularly to maintain a registry of users, orders if applicable, and improve our products and services. It is possible that periodic emails will be sent through our site with special offers, new products and other advertising information that we consider relevant to you or that may benefit you, these emails will be sent to the address you provide and may be canceled. anytime. In order to promote and show our good service, attention and quality of products, our testimonials section has a special form that every user diligently to share their experience with our products or services, these comments may be published on our social networks and / or in this section, sharing only name and surname, city, country, article or service purchased and comment on your experience. In no case our site will share other information in this section.

Screenshots or videos may be recorded during your online tutoring sessions as evidence of service provided and educational process monitoring. 

RICARDOZAPATA.ORG is highly committed to fulfill the commitment to keep your information safe. We use the most advanced systems and update them constantly to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.





A cookie refers to a file that is sent for the purpose of requesting permission to be stored on your computer, when accepting said file is created and the cookie then serves to have information regarding web traffic, and also facilitates future visits to a website recurrent. Another function that cookies have is that with them the web can recognize you individually and therefore provide you with the best personalized service on your website.

Our website uses cookies to identify the pages that are visited and their frequency. This information is used only for statistical analysis and then the information is permanently deleted. You can delete cookies at any time from your computer. However, cookies help to provide a better service for websites, you do not give access to your computer information or you, unless you want it and provide it directly, visits to a website. You can accept or deny the use of cookies, however most browsers automatically accept cookies because it serves to have a better web service. You can also change the configuration of your computer to decline cookies. If they decline, you may not be able to use some of our services.


Links to Third Parties

This website may contain links to other sites that may be of interest to you. Once you click on these links and leave our page, we no longer have control over the site to which you are redirected and therefore we are not responsible for the terms or privacy or the protection of your data in those other third party sites. These sites are subject to their own privacy policies, so it is advisable to consult them to confirm that you agree with them.

Control of your personal information

At any time you may restrict the collection or use of personal information that is provided to our website. Each time you are asked to fill in a form, such as the user registration form, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by email. In case you have marked the option to receive our newsletter or advertising you can cancel it at any time.

We will not sell, give away or distribute personal information that is collected without your consent, unless required by a judge with a court order.

RICARDOZAPATA.ORG reserves the right to change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.

If you wish to permanently withdraw your data from our system and not receive any type of communication, you can request it by our contact webpage.


I declare in a free, express, unequivocal, informed, voluntary and prior manner, that I authorize Ricardo Zapata hereinafter RicardoZapata. org, to collect, store, use, circulate, delete, and in general, process my personal data, including sensitive data, such as my identity document, photograph, videos and other data that may be considered as sensitive in accordance with the Law, so that such processing is carried out for the following purposes, among others: (i) To make viable the linkage as a student and/or customer of our community, make and send your orders and purchases Online, make viable and analyze the possibility of granting educational services and memberships; (ii) For compliance with obligations established in the Law, in foreign and international standards, as well as for purposes of knowledge of the customer/student; (iii) To maintain or deepen a contractual relationship, as well as to establish a new one, send messages, notifications and establish communication; (iv) For statistics, control, supervision, surveys, sampling, commercialization and marketing, marketing tests, establishing contractual relationships and commercial agreements, provision of services or any other type that allows the development of the corporate purpose of; likewise, for the commercialization of other products or services derived from our commercial activity and for security issues; (v) For purposes of consultation, verification and updating of information provided by the Customer / student in both public and private entities; (vi) For reporting and delivery of information to develop activities related to collection; (vii) To process information for the purpose of providing the main services, accessories and related directly or indirectly, for transaction processing, message delivery, shipment of goods, etc.. Likewise, I declare that I authorize the use of my data for the handling of personal information, allow to share personal information as a consumer with entities belonging to its business conglomerate such as payment gateway providers (Paypal or other used by me), hosting provider and web solutions (hosting his website), and any other linked and strictly linked to my data with the service or product purchased, which exist or that are formed in the future, or who represent their rights and third parties that support their collection operations and any other nature. In order to exercise my rights regarding Habeas Data and Personal Data Protection, I declare voluntarily, freely and spontaneously that has made me aware and has informed me about: a) The right I have to know, update and rectify my personal data, that this right can be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized; b) the right I have to request proof of the authorization given to RicardoZapata. org, to carry out the processing of my personal data and that are here consigned, c) The right to revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of the data; d) The right to access free of charge to my personal data that are subject to treatment; e) The possibility that assists me to request at any time through any channel provided for that purpose by, that the information is not used for marketing purposes and/or promotion of products or services; f) Which of my data, which will be processed, are sensitive and the purpose of such treatment, also, the possibility that I have not to authorize the processing of my sensitive data and the optional nature of the response to the questions that are made to me, when they deal with sensitive data or data of children and adolescents; g) How I should exercise the rights provided by law, following the procedures that responsible for treatment provides for such purposes, in the Policy for the Protection of Personal Data. Finally this authorization will be retained through acceptance forms at the time of any transaction with and within its established procedures, likewise, I have been invited to previously consult the Privacy Policy, member agreement, terms and conditions, legal notice and copyright on the website or contact me through its official contact page

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