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Jiari Shakuhachi Series





Limited edition

High-End/Quality Professional Bamboo Flutes. Effortlessly Accurate!

Mumon Ryu Jiari Shakuhachi Series is our special limited edition high-end flutes designed and handcrafted by Zapata sensei that features the best specifications, sound, look and technological design for the ultimate blowing and sounding experience ever.

The Mumon Ryu Jiari Series is available in Makino 桂竹 Taiwanese root-end bamboo with inlay precision mouthpiece Ref. Koumori BX3 (buffalo horn) and Yoshin 揚 心 Series Colombian root-end bamboo with inlay precision mouthpiece design References Hicho HB2 and SBB (stainless steel version for 忍 Shinobi series). Coated inside with a special mix and lacquer for protection, perfect finish and accurately tuning. Natural varnished on the outside.

These flutes have been handcrafted using the best selected bamboo cultivated at 1000-1400 meters of altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3-5 years. Cured and dried for 2-years before the flute handcrafting process. This is a brand new reduced stock of selected colombian and taiwanese bamboo. They are very strong bamboo species that are used by the Colombian building industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials, as well as used by the Japanese and Taiwanese industry to build bamboo swords 竹刀 (the shinai used in kendo). Both of these bamboos have great longevity, elasticity, resistance and tremendous resonance because of their thick walls.

You can purchase one flute or get a better price acquiring a flute set available in different keys. As a gift you'll receive a deluxe stand, cloth bag and Shakuhachi Master Course Study Membership.

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