The Art of Blowing Zen. Learn how to meditate through your own blow and sound.
Come through that door does not exist! Start your formal study pilgrimage with the "Mumon Ryu" doorless school study method designed by master Ricardo Zapata. We guarantee you a journey along a path full of experienced knowledge so that you gain your own mastery in the discipline of blowing meditation through the shakuhachi.

Study program of the Blowing meditation through the knowledge of the shakuhachi, the Japanese zen bamboo flute. Students enter a path of self-knowledge and awaken through the study of the instrument as a sacred tool of meditation that uses the blowing in special breathing patterns in order to achieve connection with their own consciousness and frequency of sound. 

The student learns the importance of silence, the spaces, the vibration and the correct administration of his own energy, in the study of sounds and breathing, as well as technical aspects of the instrument and musical theory and concepts. The shakuhachi was a sacred instrument used by the Komuso Buddhist monks of ancient Japan. In our school it is the perfect complement and balance for our practice of Budo, the Japanese martial arts.

Students not only develop their musical intelligence, but they find a path of peace and inner connection through their dedicated practice. Understanding of life is paramount in this practice, the student develops this sensitivity. We born and die in the cycle of breathing.

  • Musical theory

  • Domain of the instrument

  • Special breathing paterns

  • Mind and body conditioning

  • Meditation through your own sound and blow

  • Development of your musical kinesthetic, intrapersonal, emotional, naturalistic, logical, creative and spiritual intelligences. 

  • Blowing zen understanding and practice

  • Japanese musical grammar (Notation, music score reading and writing)

  • Musical scales

  • History and Tradition

  • Zen Buddhism Philosophy

  • Etiquette and protocol

  • Play differents sonatas and traditional zen buddhism sacred songs (Honkyoku)

  • Learn and play exclusive and own music repertory

  • Improvisation

  • Music Composition

  • Harmony and Assemble

  • Peace, balance and personal mastery through your own breath, blow and sound.

  • Complete curriculum with 4 levels to achieve mastery

  • Structurated rank certificate system (kyu/dan)

  • One-on-one classes or group sessions face-to-face or video conference

  • Downloable course to study by your own.

This is not a fancy weekend course, it is a very professional short, medium and long term one. The deeper you go, the mastery grows. This course seeks dedicated students committed to their own growth in this discipline and art. We educate true professionals of the instrument and the meditative practice through it.

Face-to-face and Online study modality

"The experience was very smooth, friendly and held well. Communication was fast and helpful, and considering I'm in a different country halfway around the world, the flute arrived quickly. It's a beautiful flute, well tuned and well made. Many thanks."

James Mattingley / Bali, Indonesia

"He empezado hace unos días el curso de nivel 1 de shakuhachi, y por el momento sólo tengo buenas palabras. El material que se proporciona es muy completo, y la asistencia en el proceso de compra ha sido inmejorable."

Rubén Suárez / Simancas - España

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