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From the bamboo forests to the stage!

Where the shakuhachi flute make history.
Master Zapata's unique designs and aesthetics.


Professional bamboo flute with exclusive inlaid cutting-edge precision mouthpiece design created by master Zapata (Flying Bat / Koumori® & Flying Bird / Hicho®), that allows the best blowing and sound experience ever. Special natural mixture inner coating technology and non-toxic varnish or urushi* laquer finish for instrument sound refinement, protection, durability, health and hygiene. Fully exterior varnished. Robust root-end bamboo of great resonance and lively tone. Accurately tuned and playable in 3-full registers.

professional jiari shakuhachi flute koumori series

*Product made of 100% Taiwanese materials.


Product made of 100% Colombian materials.


Black Hole Sun

Bamboo Forest


Wabi Sabi



Our new generation of Practice bamboo flutes offer the internal coating technology of a thin inner layer of non-toxic varnish that protects the instrument and allows for better internal cleaning, while preserving its rustic texture that keeps its authentic natural dark sound, a unique traditional earthy, dirty and bass oriented tone with medium and subdued treble. This series has a natural blowing edge. All-natural body varnished with the unique shades and color of Colombian bamboo.
Excellent resonance of thick natural bamboo with and without root-end. Accurately tuned and playable in 3 registers. Product made of 100% Colombian materials.


Professional Low-frequency long bass flutes.
Product made of 100% Colombian materials.

professional hochiku odake chokan shakuhachi bass flute


Your flute shipping is expedited and trackable.

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"The experience was very smooth, friendly and held well. Communication was fast and helpful, and considering I'm in a different country halfway around the world, the flute arrived quickly. It's a beautiful flute, well tuned and well made. Many thanks."

J. Mattingley / Bali, Indonesia


"Les he hecho un video unboxing de este hermoso Shakuhachi , una verdadera joya de bambú, que he recibido hoy. A partir de ahora, dedicaré un tiempo de aprendizaje, con su ayuda online por supuesto, de este extraordinario y difícil instrumento,  con origen remoto en China y que se popularizó en Japón."

A. Urquijo / España


"I just received my new A3 Yoshin shakuhachi (bass flute). It's a beautiful object in and of itself and has a great bass sound. I'm very happy I decided to acquire this flute. I can't wait to learn more about playing a flute so I can really enjoy this one. Thanks.."

Steve D. / USA


"la Jiari Shakuhachi Koumori (Gem Series / Black Hole Sun) que adquirí es un instrumento maravilloso. Pude ver y escuchar una audición del instrumento en un video que Zapata Sensei me grabó, y que terminó de convencerme de que estoy, no solo ante un instrumento difícil de describir para mí, sino ante uno con un  sonido potente y muy completo desde los bajos hasta las tesituras más altas. Sus armónicos, potencia de volumen, así como su impactante estética. Pude ver que estoy ante una joya musical..."

F. Rojas / Colombia


"I just purchased a wonderful Mumon Ryu Jiari Shakuhachi from your website. Your assistance helped me a lot during the process of choosing the flute!. The information and guidance you provided helped me a lot in deciding what type of shakuhachi to choose. Also your support was very helpful in placing my order and really made my purchasing easy and effortless. I appreciate all your assistance. Thank you very much. Best regards."

K. Liaramantzas / Greece


"Maestro Zapata sus flautas tienen un timbre muy hermoso, creía que solo podía obtenerse ese sonido con bambú madake japonés, pero pude encontrar en su variedad de instrumentos este hermoso timbre que usted interpreta en ellos. Poseo otros shakuhachi pero no producen estas tonalidades y colores."

D. Cardenas / Argentina


"Muy afortunada de haber podido adquirir este hermoso instrumento, diseño perfecto y sonido único, mis respetos para el maestro Zapata por su gran trabajo y talento, estoy muy agradecida y emocionada de aprender."

Katerinna P. / Bogota DC - Colombia


"He empezado hace unos días el curso de nivel 1 de shakuhachi, y por el momento sólo tengo buenas palabras. El material que se proporciona es muy completo, y la asistencia en el proceso de compra ha sido inmejorable."

R. Suárez / Simancas, Spain


"I have received my flute today after only 3 or 4 days of enrolling. The response from Shinken Dojo was quick and the words from Zapata Sensei were very encouraging. I hope to learn much from this course. Thank you for the prompt service."

S. Delaune / USA

Our shakuhachi are high quality professional bamboo flutes for serious study, studio recording and concert performance. Certified by Master Ricardo Zapata
Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the shakuhachi flutes are made of selected taiwanese and colombian bamboo. Each of them is labeled with the hanko of Master Zapata (logo seal). The Koumori™ (Flying Bat™), Hicho™ (Flying Bird™) and SBB™ (Steel Blowing Blade™) precision inlay mouthpieces are exclusive designs by master Ricardo Zapata©. High precision mouthpieces that can only be found in Master Zapata's flute collection, any copy or imitation is strictly forbidden. These instruments have been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for each instrument. All our flutes have been disinfected, covered in cloth bag and packed in customized boxes for its protection.
We do not take responsibility or guarantee the purchase of our flutes, alterations or cheap imitations outside our store. Report here the plagiarism of our designs, counterfeiting or alteration of our products, false sales representatives or unauthorized distribution of our study material..