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Shakuhachi Relaxing Music Volume 2 released

Updated: May 24, 2022

Zapata sensei has released the second volume of the compilation album of relaxing shakuhachi music (May 2022). This great album includes amazing soundtracks.

Lullaby is a song debuting on this album, full of creativity where the flute interacts with guitar, piano, synthesizers and deep bass-guitar joined with a lovely chill beat.

There is a selected playlist of 11 tracks to inspire you and make you relax with the magical sound of shakuhachi.

Don't miss the bonus track JOY included in this compilation album, this one is a masterpiece to rejoice the spirit in joy and love.

Download this album here:

Buy a professional Zapata sensei shakuhachi flute here:

Join the Zapata sensei Shakuhachi Master Course here:

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