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Testing shakuhachi flutes with Aria Suite 3. JS Bach

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

What an amazing sound these flutes make. In this video Zapata sensei is testing the Hochiku 2.3 yoshin series bass flute and the Jiari Koumori 1.8 series shakuhachi with J.S. Bach's Aria movement from Suite number 3. Enjoy the duet of our Yoshin Jinashi and Jiari Mumon Ryu series flutes through this classic piece. We have to say that these flutes rock!

Purchase these stunning and professional flutes at the links below.

They are effortlessly accurate!

2.3 Jinashi hochiku shakuhachi bass flute key of A:

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi Mumon Ryu precision mouthpiece ref. "Flying Bat":

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