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What's behind the door that does not exist?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Ricardo Zapata Shidoshi. Founder of Mumon Ryu.

Mumon Ryu translates "school with no door", and is a method that is characterized by encouraging its students to find their own way and self-demand thru a dedicated study. The name came from a spiritual experience and was coined by Zapata sensei to define his own method that promises to train students with a strong emphasis on their self-knowledge, wisdom and awarness through the blowing zen. Mumon Ryu is the student lineage of Zapata sensei.

Remember that there is only one key to open

the door that does not exist.

Zapata sensei is  a recognized martial arts master and certified by two japanese organizations. Professional musician, Rock star, composer, player and luthier of Japanese flutes, singer, guitarrist, professional graphic artist and education specialist.

Master Zapata developed his own method to achieve mastering on suizen discipline and the shakuhachi domain. He gained mastery by himself thru meditation and hard dedicated self formed confined some years in his own Home Dojo Studio and practicing into the forests and wild natural places defying the wind with his own flute he made with a piece of bamboo.

The study program includes its own sonatas composed by Zapata sensei, as well as an open repertoire of honkyoku and folk music selected and typical of the history of shakuhachi, which will allow the student to undesrtand the instrument and master it.

There are 4 levels of study sectioned in 3 study cycles each, full of new knowledge and challenges to overcome in order to achieve mastery. Excellent teaching methodology through HD videos and audios synchronized with music scores, instruction manual and much more.

Zapata Sensei has everything well disposed, from his own learning experience he has managed to build a method of easy learning so that everyone can progress at his pace from home. Its method includes constant advice and feedback, so there are online meeting spaces with students to guide and advise them in their study process at each level.

Try this method now and get to know some of our students' experiences.

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