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Our new generation of Practice professional Jinashi shakuhachi Yoshin series offer internal coating technology of a thin inner layer of non-toxic varnish that protects the instrument and allows for better internal cleaning, preventing pathogens that saliva or other external agents can cause from lodging inside the tube, while preserving its rustic texture that keeps its authentic natural sound, a unique traditional earthy, dirty and bass oriented tone with medium and subdued treble. This flute can be customized in your choice of mouthpiece type, natural blowing edge or Koumori Utaguchi precision mouthpiece inlay (singing bat mouthpiece). The outer body can also be varnished or can maintain its natural texture and be waxed and polished, thus preserving the unique tones and color of Colombian bamboo. This series of flutes truly offers the naturalness of the bamboo sound in a breath. Perfect resonance thanks to the thick bamboo walls.


If you are looking for a bamboo flute with outstanding traditional sound, responsible resonance, aesthetics and impeccable appearance, balanced, accurately tuned: We present our Yoshin Series. A practice flutes made by master Zapata's finest personally selected root-end bamboo, to create a perfect wind instrument with an unmatched tone that only the colombian bamboo can offer. The flutes have a natural balance given by the weight of the same thickness of the bamboo with a root ending. The beauty of the teeth (base of rhizome) of its roots is preserved to give a unique and beautiful aesthetic. These mostly have a natural little curvature that beautifies the instrument in its shape. Cured in a delicate and patient process done personally by master Zapata to obtain a flute ready to studio recording and home study practice. The flute is sealed with the luthier's (Hanko) personal seal on the reverse and comes wuth a certificate of authenticity.


Customized shipping box Includes: D4 root-end shakuhachi, blowing instructions sheet and fingering notation chart, cloth bag (delivered according to availability, reference photo). The flute stand is sold separately.

(!) This flute is 100% compatible with our shakuhachi courses. All our courses are synchronized with flutes in key D4. (!)


( ! ) You receive the same item in the photo (real product picture). All of our Shakuhachi flutes in this series are similar in bamboo appearance and aesthetics. The other decorative items shown in the photographs, other than the flute and cloth bag, are not included with the purchase of this product ( ! ).


( ! ) Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the zen flutes are made of selected colombian bamboo and each of them is labeled with the hanko of Ricardo Zapata (logo seal). This instrument has been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for this instrument. ( ! )





PriceFrom $1.300,00
  • Estas flautas D4 con 100% compatibles con nuestros cursos.

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