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(This product is available in stock and is not eligible for exchange or return, please read additional information as pre-order process and T&C policies).


From bamboo forests to the stage!. The Nenashi Series 根無し (meaning “rootless”) is our high-end line of jiari flutes. Made from specially selected bamboo sections very close from the root end. 
This instrument offers exceptional resonance, lightness and balance, ideal for long playing sessions and travel.​ Made of lightweight rootless resistant bamboo with great resonance, very comfortable to handle and play.


Unmatched playability and exquisite design. Each Nenashi flute features a meticulously crafted mouthpiece for precise articulation and rich resonance. The accurately-tuned design provides a bright, captivating tone in three full registers. Ergonomic finger holes ensure a comfortable playing experience.


For added protection and refinement of sound, the flutes incorporate a unique natural mixture inner lining and a non-toxic varnish finish. Exterior bamboo body polished and moisturized with almond oil. Made of 100% Colombian materials that prioritizes sustainable practices. 


Jiari Shakuhachi Rootless Series is our special limited edition high-end flutes designed and handcrafted by Zapata sensei that features the best specifications, sound, look and technological design for the best blowing and sounding experience.


Our Jiari 地 在 りShakuhachi flutes blend the naturalness of cured and selected bamboo with the technology of inner coating adjusted in different diameters with special natural mixture and non-toxic lacquer finish, to provide protection, durability, and a more lively tone unique and professional in each flute.

Its precision inlay design mouthpiece is unique and designed by Master Zapata. Thanks to this cutting-edge mouthpiece design and accurate tuning, it can effortlessly play three registers (ryo, kan and daikan). The Jiari series is a type of flute made of thick root-end bamboo, with natural balance, perfect and impeccable aesthetics.


The Koumori uta-guchi 蝙蝠歌口 (Singing bat mouth) precision mouthpiece offers a different blowing and sound experience, which you can learn more about below:


Benefits of a Koumori uta-guchi Cutting-edge precision mouthpiece:

  • Its inverted triangular blowing area offers a distinctive timbre to the blow of the air in the inlaid design area.
  • By having a wide mouthpiece design and with a closed but deep circumference, it allows you to accurately obtain notations in its three registers, as well as to play with blowing effects, angles and directions to create different harmonics along its blowing edge..
  • Exclusive design found only in the Zapata sensei flutes.


These shakuhachi are crafted from the finest selection root-end bamboo to create a perfect wind instrument with an unmatched tone that only the colombian bamboo can offer. 

This bamboo has been grown at 1000-1400 meters altitude and strengthened by different temperatures for almost 3 years. Cured and dried for 2 years before the flute is handcrafted in a delicate and patient process personally performed by master Zapata to obtain a flute ready for concert, studio recording or home training practice.

The quality of this bamboo is characterized by the fact that it has been used by the Colombian construction industry for many years in large-scale architectural constructions due to its physical-mechanical properties as a renewable alternative to conventional materials.

This flute has a natural balance and very easy to hold given by the lightness of a not so thick bamboo walls without root end.


This flute includes: Certificate of authenticity, incense flavoring, blowing and notation instructions sheet (fingering chart according to the key of the flute), clothing bag made of resistant fabric to protect the instrument (cloth bag is delivered according to availability, reference photo).  Flute stand sold separately. 


( ! ) Reference photos. All of our Shakuhachi flutes in this series are similar in bamboo appearance and aesthetics. The other decorative items shown in the photographs, other than the flute and cloth bag, are not included with the purchase of this product ( ! ).



( ! ) Each Shakuhachi is inspected and handcrafted by the master Ricardo Zapata. Professional bamboo flute instrument of high quality. All the zen flutes are made of selected colombian bamboo and each of them is labeled with the hanko of Ricardo Zapata (logo seal). This instrument has been accurately tuned. Quality audition proof to the owner personally made by Zapata Sensei to demonstrate the tuning and audio perfection for this instrument. ( ! )





©2018+ Ricardo Zapata All Rights Reserved.

The MUMON RYU JIARI SERIES® BX3 KOUMORI®, HB2® HICHO and SBB® precision inlaid mouthpiece designs are the exclusive property and creation of master Ricardo Zapata. Any copy or reproduction of this registered design is prohibited.

D4 Nenashi Jiari Shakuhachi Rootless Series

SKU: rootend-jiari
Inner Color varnish: Red
  • This product is customized only for you and is not eligible for return or exchange (T&C apply). Place your pre-order on this product page. The photo of this product is a reference. All our flutes in this series are very similar and carry the same standard of finish, 100% Colombian materials, unique master Zapata aesthetics and quality workmanship. This handcrafting process can take 15 to 20 days before it is fully packaged and shipped to your address. A video will be recorded and shared with you, demonstrating the performance and quality of the flute we will send you, with photos of the product and the real live sound of the instrument. 

    1. Take to the shopping cart your pre-order, read and accept our terms and conditions, privacy policies. And place your order providing your correct shipping address, phone number and full name (at this point your order has not yet been accepted and processed).

    2. Send the following requested documentation within 24 hours through our online chat, without it we will not process your order. After this time and without this information, your order will be canceled and will not be processed:

    2.1 Send your national identity document.
    2.2 Send a picture of you holding the same identity document you are sending us.
    (We request this information for your own safety and ours. We want to know that you are really the person placing the order, that you know our policies, terms and conditions and avoid online fraud).

    3. Make your payment from the payment instructions we will send you. Without this payment 100% credited to our account we will not process your order in our workshop. This handcrafting process can take 15 to 20 days.

    4. Watch the flute audition video when we send it to you and immediately fill out and sign the authorization form stating that you have clearly seen the video and that you agree with the instrument you have heard and seen, in appearance, materials and features, that we are sending to you and that you will receive by quality courier. It is your responsibility to watch this video and manage the document. A second and last communication via email will be sent to you if you ignored the first one, so that you can watch the video and download and sign the document. Once you have read and received it, and if you do not proceed with your management, we take for granted your approval of shipment as it is our priority to meet the delivery times of the ordered product. It is up to you to watch or not the video and fill out the form, it is your responsibility and ours to fully comply with the order within the stipulated time.

    5. Your flute is packed and shipped by mail, and you will be sent a tracking link that we can both follow (T&C shipping policy apply). You should be aware that this product may generate taxes when arriving in your country and it is up to you, not us, to pay these applicable taxes. 
    Enjoy your blowing & sound experience with this wonderful instrument. Feel free to contact us through our official channels on this page if you have any questions. We are always willing to answer.

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