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Martial Arts Studies. Let your spirit speaks, your mind listens and your body works. Develop awesome skills and drive your life toward personal mastery.
A comprehensive and effective program refined from the experience and mastery of Zapata sensei. 

Program that teaches the student to discover and develop advanced physical, psychic and spiritual abilities. The path of immutability, perseverance and resistance is traveled and learned during a journey of self-knowledge. A path of exploration and encounter with himself to learn to channel his own energy to achieve mastery.

The development of respect and self-discipline is the beginning and the end of this great path, in an ancestral practice that forges warriors with a compassionate heart, awake in the spiritual human life.

The study of unarmed body techniques as self-defense. as well as traditional weapons are part of the study of this program. The Japanese sword and others make up the list of training tools as elements for preservation.

  • Body and mind conditioning

  • Development of your kinesthetic, spatial, linguistic, intrapersonal, emotional, naturalistic, logical, creative and spiritual intelligences.

  • Unarmed self-defense techniques

  • Traditional weaponry studies

  • Spiritual teachings

  • Channeling energy practices and advanced meditation

  • History, traditions and philosophy studies

  • Mikkyo budhism knowledge studies

  • Complete ninpo bujutsu curriculum study

  • Personal mastery & Life strategies

  • Complete curriculum with 20 levels to achieve mastery

  • Structurated rank certificate system (kyu/dan)

  • One-on-one classes or group sessions

Face-to-face or online study available
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